into the fire: my experience with phoenix rising yoga therapy and therapeutic mentoring

In the summer of 2012, I was at a very transitional time in my life, feeling restless and very unsure of my path. My boyfriend gave me a free two-week pass to a local yoga studio. I have practised yoga on and off for several years, and had never given myself the opportunity to immerse myself in it. So, I took the pass, and made a promise to attend as much yoga as I possibly could, within those two weeks. I first met Shivani Wells when I attended one of her Flow classes and was immediately drawn in by both her energy and her vast knowledge about what I can best describe as the spirituality of yoga. She was the first teacher I had ever experienced whose teachings are so grounded in tradition. Being someone who is extremely interested in learning more about the non-asana practice of yoga, I felt so excited to have found her. Quite honestly, it felt very ‘meant to be’. About a month later, I attended Shivani’s seven-week immersion course “Seven Roadmaps Within: Chakra Yoga Immersion”, which further deepened my curiosity about our mind/body connection. I knew then that I wanted to with Shivani one on one, in her capacity as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Therapeutic Mentor. Check out the testimonial I wrote for her website about the incredible and life-changing experience I had working with her over the period of a year.