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Sarah's energy and personality caught my attention right away. This was a woman who had light pouring from her soul. Her openness and sincerity is what drew me to chat with her about my struggle with bulimia. I was on my road of recovery, but needed support. I thought that I needed her to give me direction. To tell me how many calories / how much fat + protein + carbs to consume each day to be "nutritious". She heard me, but asked that I try her method first. The way that she talked about food revolutionized the way that I thought about food. It was no longer the enemy. She challenged me to make small changes... drinking more water, taking vitamins consistently. Listening to what my body signals had to say. I wasn't sold at first. And I strongly resisted her suggestion to stop counting calories and obsessively track my food. She suggested I start journalling. She recommended podcasts. She sent me links to thought provoking articles. She cared and connected with me in a way that no other nutritionist ever had. She was in invested in my success with both care and objectivity. Sarah, without a doubt, changed the direction of my life with her supportive and caring nature. For the first time in years, I listen to my body. For the first time in years, I accept my body. For the first time in years, I eat ice cream without guilt.  I eat salads because they taste good not because I should. I eat because I am hungry and not because I need emotional voids filled.  Sarah is more than a holistic nutritionist. She is a light maker and a life changer- if you are willing to really hear her. ~ Katie 

I decided to see Sarah for nutritional counselling for myself and for my family. I immediately found her to be incredibly positive, attentive and non-judgmental. She put a lot of effort into making a comprehensive and attainable meal plan that fit for my family. She provided recipes that she knew our family would like given the information she had sought from me beforehand. She also had great recommendations for which supplements would be beneficial for me.  I was always sad when our meeting time was up as I felt like I could sit and have coffee with her for hours! I highly recommend Sarah to anyone seeking individual or family nutritional support! ~ Laura 

My fiancé and I were drawn to Sarah's positive and realistic approach to exercise and eating which inspired us to book some couples coaching sessions with her. We were absolutely thrilled with her ability to connect with our busy lifestyles and help us work together to find our best selves. We also loved working with Sarah because she was incredibly supportive of challenges you face when looking to make changes (aka my sugar addiction!!!) - she approaches nutrition with no judgement, or hard and fast rules. Perfect for this busy and active couple!! We would positively recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a little support to find simple (or major!) tweaks in their lifestyle. She helped us find a special level of success we certainly could not have on our own. ~ Meagan & Jeremy


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