check this thing on?

Today marks the day that I'm going 'live' with my blog, and the day I'm accepting my vulnerability around sharing it.

My initial intention was to keep it to myself until I understood the shape I wanted it to take (recipes or a journal, or some sort of combination of both). I also wanted to experiment with what and how frequently I wanted to post – what felt important and what I wanted to share – and why? I knew that at some point, I would ask myself whether I was ready to share with the world, and that the answer would be yes.

I began to realize that what I was posting about or how frequently I wanted to post didn't really matter; rather, the most important piece was sitting with my expectations around sharing, and what expectations are attached to my ego. Am I ready for people to see my unfiltered light? The light I’ve worked hard at filtering for so many years? And this piece has recently become really amazingly clear: in sharing with a few special people over the past week, I’ve witnessed myself do it completely without expectation of approval or disapproval. I've shared merely from a place of excitement, hope, love, and sharing. It’s one of the first times I’ve embraced and accepted my vulnerability in this way: sharing my blog means I’m shining my unfiltered light – which is both beautiful, and terrifying. I know that it’s my dharma to reach people far and wide in a profound way. It’s about accessing and connecting to that knowing, and I’m realizing that this is still a process.

So today I asked, and the answer is yes. I'm ready.